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Who we are

Roads, civil engineering structures, tunnels, locks, foundations, construction pits, formwork: these are just a handful of  projects we deal with. We are a multidisciplinary, ambitious and forward-thinking design and engineering firm. Welcome to Volker  InfraDesign. 

From design to consultancy

From initial sketch to detailed design, Volker InfraDesign handles the entire process. We also coordinate the designs in multidisciplinary projects and provide expert assessments  due to  damage occurence. Our experienced site engineers supervise every phase of all our projects. The range of services that we provide at Volker InfraDesign  for numerous projects include design management, systems engineering, civil and maritime engineering, road design, geotechnical engineering, support structures (temporary works), materials technology and offshore and maritime operations.

Innovative and certified

Volker InfraDesign always uses the latest techniques and innovations, such as virtual design, for example. We constantly improve and strengthen our design processes with a view to reduce the costs associated with site errors. Volker InfraDesign is a ProRail-certified Design and Engineering firm (Engineering Consultancy). In addition to our  ISO 9001 certificate we have also  been awarded a CO2 Awareness Certificate.

Safety first

Safety is always a top priority at Volker InfraDesign. In fact, it starts at the design stage. Safety is incorporated as a main design principle in all our designs. How can we minimise the risks? What methods and resources do we have at our disposal? At Volker InfraDesign safety is fully incorporated into every aspect of our daily operations.