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A VolkerWessels company

Volker InfraDesign is a subsidiary of Van Hattum en Blankevoort and is part of the VolkerWessels group. 

International Contractor

VolkerWessels designs, develops, builds, manages and operates construction projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Unites States and Canada. Throughout these countries, VolkerWessels actively works to help configure infrastructure to meet society's needs in the fields of building development, mobility, energy and communication services.

The power of VolkerWessels

VolkerWessels has a global staff of 15,000 people working in some 120 operating companies and branch offices in the countries listed above. The power of VolkerWessels amounts to: extensive expertise and know-how in every conceivable engineering field; collaboration on integrated, multidisciplinary projects; a strong geographical presence; a solid financial basisas well as knowledgeable, motivated employees.

For more information on the VolkerWessels Sustainability Report and the corporation's mission, strategy and projects, please visit www.volkerwessels.com.