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Mission and vision

The infrastructure market is changing rapidly. Design & Construct projects have become the norm, pushing the traditional Dutch RAW specification system farther and farther into the background. At the same time, a shift from a mono-disciplinary to a multi-disciplinary design approach is evident.

These developments obviously carry implications for contractors. It requires more from organisations, such as strong project and design management. This is also applicable for the design. Today's market demands sufficient capacity and high-level expertise for both the design itself and the overall design management. Volker InfraDesign meets that demand, in an expert manner, by constantly improving its design processes and maintaining the highest level of knowledge. We do that primarily by being involved in many cutting-edge projects. As a contractor's division, we help to manage the projects and contribute significantly to the company's results. We are therefore in a position to lead the way in providing the design for multidisciplinary onshore and offshore infrastructure projects. Beyond all that, we are an innovative, energetic company that is growing and we aim to continue to fulfil  this leading role well into the future.