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Simpson Bay Causeway

The Simpson Bay Causeway at Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean) connects the Princess Juliana International Airport and the east bank of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and is alleviating the traffic in the area and establishes a better connection to the capital Philipsburg.

The causeway with a total length of approximately 1 km consists of two feeder roads connected to the existing roads and a concrete bridge (aprox 725 m) including a steel swing bridge that can pivot its turning span horizontally to let boats and large mega yachts pass simultaneously through two navigating channels during set opening times (access at swing bridge 2 x 23.75 m) The causeway offers users a new, modern two-lane roadway, a protected combination bike and pedestrian walkway and a separate bike lane at either side of the roadway.

Volker InfraDesign has been responsible for design management and making a detailed design (based on our own tender design) of both concrete bridge and reclamation areas for Volker Stevin Caribbean. The detailed design includes the geotechnical design for e.g. strength/stability of reclamations, revetment design, structural design for the concrete bridge including pile design and steel swing bridge support. Specific local circumstances such as earthquake and hurricanes have been incorporated in the design, these loads are governing for the design and exceed Dutch standards.

Besides the geotechnical and structural design itself, scope for Volker InfraDesign included: design management, interface management with designer of steel bridge and roadworks, supervision of design first flush drainage by Aveco de Bondt and design concrete prestressed beams and site engineering during construction