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West of Dunddon Sands

Offshore windforce has been awarded the foundation installation contract for the west of Dunddon Sands (WODS) project by a joint venture of DONG Energy West of Duddon Sands (UK) Ltd. And Scottish Power Renewables (WODS). The WODS project entails
the transport and installation of 108 foundations for 3,6 MW wind turbine generators, including the installation of the scour protection of the
foundations. The total capacity of the WODS project will be 389 MW.


The project
team comprises of VSO, Boskalis and VID people. One and a half years ago the
team started the preparation works and beginning of May the installation works
will start offshore. Creativity, endurance, persistency are key capabilities and
is mandatory for people working for offshore projects. VID is a partner that
understands these requirements and the people involved played a significant
role in executing this project. The pile gripper frame and the upending bucket
are examples of innovative solutions for temporary structures designed by VID.
The designers of VID will not stop just by preparing drawings and design
reports. Work methods, schedules for installation sequence and offshore works
are issues VID can cover. This ensures the optimum solutions in design and
construct projects.

Facts and figures