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Hydraulic engineering & Offshore

Tunnels, locks, flood barriers, offshore foundation systems, quay walls and scaffolding. Volker InfraDesign is well versed in all areas of hydraulic engineering and offshore structures. In partnership with Volker Stevin International we deploy our knowledge and expertise around the world.

Immersed tube tunnels

Our marine engineers have a vast knowledge about concrete immersed tube tunnels. They will meticulously plan all the requisite structures and procedures, including transport from the construction site to the installation site, whether these activities occur in the Netherlands or abroad.


Offshore design

Volker InfraDesign is also your go-to firm for design assistance on other offshore structures, such as foundations for offshore wind turbines. For these projects we carry out  the design through to installation of monopoles as well as suction pile projects. Our specially designed support structures have been successfully used in numerous projects over the years.