Our clients are placing ever-more responsibility into the hands of market operators. Volker InfraDesign is set up for that. We are more than capable of carrying out complicated, multidisciplinary infrastructure designs, covering all aspects from roads to civil engineering structures, from sketch and preliminary design through to management as well as the maintenance phase. During all stages of a project we stay focussed on optimising the entire design process.

Optimum design

Lifecycle design: the rapid growth of  contracts that include both management and maintenance necessitates a lifecycle assessment. Volker InfraDesign has the specific required know-how  to make reasonable estimates of how materials will hold up over time. We transform that knowledge into optimum design and lifecycle parameters. Other vital aspects in this regard are excellent communication and thorough documentation of the requirements, design considerations and other such factors. Systems integration and engineering are an important part of that. Accordingly, they are an integrated part of our project approach.


Volker InfraDesign always uses the latest techniques and innovations, such as virtual design (3D CAD and BIM). We enhance the design and construction process thereby reducing failure costs. Furthermore, we rely on concurrent engineering in order to run  the entire process more efficiently.