Apps, new technologies, tools and developments: specialists from Volker InfraDesign are working hard on innovation at VolkerWessels' Dutch Infrastructure division. Ingenious solutions that boost the quality and efficiency of our work.


Here is an overview of our latest inventions:


Smartphones and tablets are now commonplace in construction. Volker InfraDesign has developed some clever apps based on those platforms. One of those is DocQR. Scan the QR code on your...

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High Strength Concrete Quay Wall (EMO)

Traditional quay constructions do not stand up well to the constant force of push barges and container barges used for bulk materials such as coal and ore. They are easily damaged, resulting in...

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HyMoCo provides a means for actively measuring and managing how concrete sets. The system checks the degree of hardening in a solid mass by monitoring the concrete cement through cast-in sensors...

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Office Template Tool

When you are assigned a new project or Contractors Consortium, you are eager to get to work as quickly as possible. You do not really have time to set up standardised letters, reports, memos and...

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SEKeur is an innovation that makes the most of the possibilities afforded by smartphones and tablets on the workfloor. The app puts an end to project inspections and testing done with pen and...

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Virtual design and BIM integrate design and execution. Design, costs, planning, documents... everything is united in a single system that enhances the preliminary planning and building process and...

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