WAVE is a company safety program that is designed to improve safety awareness, conduct and communication. It started as a trail program within one of the VolkerWessels companies and in august 2013 the VolkerWessels Board of Directors decided to introducte the program company-wide.

WAVE conduct - safety values

These safety values form the basis of the WAVE safety program. They are applicable to everything we do.


Consistent: Safety is a part of everything we do

Responsible: I am responsible for my own safety and safety of others

Willing to learn: I want to learn from accidents and near misses

Open: I point out unsafe behaviour and safety to others

Action: I quit work that's unsafe. If necessary I shut down the work activities

Respect: I accept feedback regarding my (safety) behaviour, regardless of my rank or position

Honest: I report all accidents, including near misses and safety incidents

WAVE and suppliers, subcontractors and partners

We expect from all our business partners that they recognize, honour and share our safety values. Furthermore we expect them to participate in WAVE initiatives where applicable.